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Project Description
SQL Director for Dependencies helps you track Microsoft SQL Server Object Dependencies.

SQL Director for Dependencies will help you see where a certain objects such as a Stored Procedure or Table is used in various Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Jobs and SSRS Reports.

Comments and feature requests welcome!!

What's in SDD CTP 1.0

  • Fancy new icons to distinguish database objects (okay they need some work.)
  • SQL dependency search for Tables, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures.
  • Enhanced dependency support (for objects not cataloged in system dependency tables.)
  • SQL Jobs dependency search (find all jobs using selected Tables, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures.)

Planned for SDD CTP 1.5

  • Cross database support.
  • Basic graphical dependency charts.

Planned for CTP 2.0

  • SSRS Support for Stored Procedures (find all reports using selected Stored Procedure.)
  • SSIS SQL Integration Services Package dependency search.
  • Graphical dependency charts.


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